Live at Grace Cathedral, with Sam Jackson and Gabriel Gold.
"A mystical music that moves one to journey through both the deep joy and sorrows of the Soul." - Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
To us, performance and meditation blend with the healing nature of music as a form of spiritual practice... a means of communing with unseen worlds and sacred spaces.  This album was born from a conversation between ourselves and the space and spirit of Grace Cathedral, forming a work which we hope succeeds at gracefully sharing the wisdom and beauty of that conversation.
Earth Alchemy from Harmonic Stillness, a collaboration with Timothy Sura Das (Harmonic Dreams) and Sam Jackson (Vibrant Stillness), features an alchemical meld of didgeridoo, crystal bowls, Native American drums and flutes, and ambient soundscapes for a rich, layered, deeper experience.
Initiate pairs a soulful mix of bamboo flutes and crystal bowls for a rhythmic offering of musical prayers; enhances moving meditations.