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Sam Jackson, founder and director of vibrantstillness, offers crystal bowl meditations (solo and in collaboration) for dynamic and mindful balance.
vibrant - alive; actively charged
stillness - calm; quiet; at rest
All live events, CDs, projects and communications hold vibrant stillness in mind.  

Sam loves exploring unique musical instruments... held by the way music "feels."  Crystal bowls are resonant tools as readily "felt" as heard.


Toward a deeper sense of "dynamic calm," mindful meditation has proven a supportive anchoring practice... ie, yoga, meditation, qi gong, nature walks, dancing... especially supported with sound and vibration.


Holding meditative calm and mindful movement in balance, Sam blends vibrational crystal bowls with other resonant instruments, vocals and nature soundscapes for an ambient space to move deeper into a sense of "rooting" wherever you are, and being "centered" in whatever you're doing.



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